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Knowledge Base

Articles that I have written for the Master Gardener Monthly Newsletter, plus information from other sources.

The Ecology of Gardening/Growing Food Ecologically - Slides
(talk given by me at Master Gardener meeting 4/18/07)

Strategies for the Windy Season

Summer Lettuce

A Tomato In Winter

Getting to the Root of Productivity

Blemishes on the Road to Ripe and Juicy

Surprise and Delight - discoveries in the garden

Fava Beans and Greens - Edible green manure

Radishes Gone Wild - How to and How not to

Seed Saving for Allium Growers - Continued

Seed Savers Allium Quiz - What to know - What to plant.

Seeds of Chance - Selfers and Outcrossers - Growing for seed

Gardens as Islands of Genetic Diversity - Diversity in native varieties

Out of Africa/India/China - Cowpeas (aka. Black Eyed Peas

Out of Africa - Black Eyed Peas - Origin & value of black eyed peas

Dilemmas of the Untidy Gardener - Yhe impact of personal style

What is a Sustainable Garden? - Guidelines to sustainability

The Principled Gardener - Creating a sustainable food garden

Feeding Aphids - For a balanced garden ecology

Broccoli - Growing, varities and history

Degrees of Engagement - More about native foods

Diversity in the KG - Growing native southwest foods

Diversity Quiz - How much seed diversity is there?

Food Mileage - Shortening the field to table distance

- Growing Perpetural Chard Spinach Beet

Greening the Spuds - Starting potatoes

How Much Is Enough? - Space requirements

Kitchen Garden - Philosophy, practice, photographs

Lettuce - Cultivation, varieties, photographs and history

Lettuce - Aslide show (flash player req.)

Of Meals and Memories - Recovering tastes slowly

Why Not Leeks? - Easy to grow Alliums

To Vichyssoise and Beyond - More about leeks

The Beans of 2005 - The beans I know and love

My Three Sisters - Adapting native companion planting

What's A Food System? - Attitudes about the food supply - pdf

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